I  think watching Waltz and Bashir tied a lot of the concepts of English and History together. I tied the memory part of the course to the history part pretty good. It used all of the similar concepts we’ve learned in english to the information we learned about the war in History. We watched as one man traveled hundreds of miles to find answer he was in search of. He used his own personal memory and his fellow soldiers memory to build a common collective memory of the entire war. He knew that what he couldn’t remember, that one of his other friends should be able to.

This movie showed us as students in History and Memory how we can utilize the tools obtained in this class to solve self remembrance of past events. Also,by talking to others about their own memories we can help add additional information to their memory banks.

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I chose to report on the Aids Quilt rather than Ireland Envisioned because I felt more of a connection to the Aids Quilt.After reading the incerpt  that came along with the quilt I began to think about how many people aids affected in the past and now in the future.It affects million of people globally. The quilt is a representation of how thousands of people can get together to raise awareness about a ever growing epidemic. It lists the name of people affected by aids, as a way to remember there loved ones in a complete unison.  The aids quilt is also ever growing also getting more and more pieces to add to the quilt daily. I don’t know anyone that was been directly affected, but i do feel the suffering and struggles the families of those affected have gone through.

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At my middle school, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I have the best memories of my life there. From my first kiss,first girlfriend, life-long friends that I made, and undeniable great education. I attended O.L.P.H since i was in kindergarten, my friends I made there are still my best companions to this day. We all shared so many memories together, that for the most part I believe that all of would remember if we all sat down and recollected. I can’t even remember the countless number of class trips that I went on through my 10 years there, but the most memorable one was the one the entire 6th grade went on together.

The trip was in middle of May, and was to a scientific beach lab in Long Island. The day started of great with me putting on regular clothes, and not my dreaded school uniform. My mom packed my favorite lunch too, a pastrami hero with lettuce, mayonnaise, and honey mustard. I got to school and went to homeroom, then after attendance straight onto the cheese bus. The bus ride is without a doubt the best part of school trips, but the school trip and bus rides were equally matched.

We arrive to the Laboratory and was introduced to one of the professors there. My memory get blurry from what happens there after, but i do recall ending up on the beach with all my classmates and teachers with my jeans rolled up halfway of shin. I remember the objective was to capture as many marine animals as we could in our nets and put in a plastic jar we had. We were broken up in groups of 5, and of course I was with my best friends. I don’t exactly recall everyone that was in my group, but i do remember my best friend tony being in my group, because we were inseparable throughout all of time at O.L.P.H. After we collected as many organisms as we could we went back to the lab to examine each on individually.

The trip ended with the entire class eating lunch on the outdoor cafeteria the laboratory had. I remember the bus ride was silent; everyone was tired and wanted to go home and sleep. When me and friends get together and the topic of the trip comes up, we all undoubtedly agree that it was the best class trip we had ever been on.

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Thanksgiving Day more or less isbiggest holiday in November.When people think about November they automatcially think about Thaksgiving. Everyone affiliates Thanksgiving with tons of food and family, what else could be better?The days leading up to the holiday are fillled wiht excitement and high nerves. From the proper prepareness of the food to the invitations to come to your house and enjoy a meal. It is also affiliated with the yearly Thanksgiving day fight. I dont know why or how but there alwasy seems to be a verbal fight between family members, but somehow they always make up by the end of the night with either a drink or a hug.

Culturally, thanksgiving brings family together.It is a reason for everyone to get together and eat and enjoy each others company. Also connected to Thanksgiving is Black Friday. After everyone is stuffed to thier limits, the die-hard shoppers hit the mall to get the doorbuster clearance sales. My Thanksgiving memories from what i remember are more or less the same every year. We make food at my house and all my family periodically stop in to get a quick bite. Then, my family heads over to both of my grandmothers house. We usally get home at about 10, so that we are able to get enough sleep to wake up in the morning and go shopping. I think i remember more about Black Friday than Thanksgiving because i can recall all the money that i spend that day. It has more of an impact on making me remember the debts that i put myself in. Thanksgivng is my second overall holiday because it is a time for family, food, and showing love to one another;and nothing can be better than that

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I couldn’t think of any example in history off the top of my head in which people of a specific group of people consciously forget wrongs of the past to be able to move on in to promote peace and unity. I do remember a situation that  encountered with my best friend,Tony, in which we both moved on from a past experience to stay friends together. We both attended middle school together and were friends since Pre-K. In our 7th grade together there was a new  girl, Lauren, that transfered from another school that had came into our school in the middle of the year. She was really pretty and all the boys in the school basically liked her. I was the first one to talk to her on her first day as a new student. I knew she wanted to make friends so she wouldn’t awkward as being considered the “new girl”. I also introduced her to my friends, including my best friend.  Tony had confessed to me how much he liked her but he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way about her. So one day he worked up enough courage and told her how he felt about her, and she said she doesn’t see him like that but, as a good friend. Me and Lauren relationship grew and we became a couple. I not 100% sure what happened between me and Tony directly after me and Lauren started going out, but i remember that we didn’t speak for months. When me and relationship ended I remember that I owed Tony an apology. I know what I did wasn’t something a friend should do, but my emotions overtook my mind, and what was the right thing to do. After me and Tony “made up”, we decided to move on and never let a girl come between us again. To this day we laugh about how we let some girl that we don’t even talk to anymore come between our friendship.

This can be a type of forgetting because people can consciously put these memories into the back of their minds away from all others thought in their mind. People usually try to never remember these memories again, but there is always something that will connect itself to these memories. In the situation between me and Tony, if we were to see Lauren again it would  remind us both our memory that we tried to forget about her. So in some sense there is no complete way to forget memories just by consciously forgetting.

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I was in 6th grade,in Social Studies. Listening my teacher Mr.DelBango as spoke about the Aztec. He used vivd examples of how they traded,hunted, and lived. He began to speak about how the Aztec people married. I can’t fully recollect on every word that he said about there marriage rituals, but i do remember what I was thinking about when he spoke about how they cared for there spouses. I remember looking over at her and thinking how happy she would make me if we were together. I would give her my love and my everything.

Her name was Rebecca. She was the most beautiful girl I seen in my life at the time. She was a trasnfer student from a another school that had recently closed down. I remember the first time I seen her it was like the first time i heard the Beatles. She had long and glossy hair, flowing down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were light brown that glared, so ever beautifully in sun. I was to scared to ever tell her about how I felt, but with my friends that I had went up to her and told her that I liked her alot. So, Rebecca told my friends if he really does let him tell me himself then. When they told me that i lite up with joy knowing that she to was taking a liking to me. From there on we shared our love throuhout the beginining of High School

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In Nabokov writing he decides to use and leave out certain infromation. He is basically telling his literary audience of his train ride in which he departed from St. Petersburg and arrived in Paris. Nabokov uses great detail in describing the train that he was in he desribes everything from the windows to the upolstery. He also speaks about his ”love’, Colette and how he dreams that he is a superhero rescuing her from danger

Throughout the story Nabokov uses very descriptive language. He uses many details throughtout his train ride to let his audience get a better feel of he was seeing through his eyes and mind through the train ride. In trhe story Nabokov memory seems to be aware of his own memory process when he sees the rainbow and penholder. He recollects about how each of those objects reminds him so much about Colette

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 I believe when it is said that a song is recontextualized as a ringtone it express the mood or feeling that the holder of the phone is feeling. They use media to allow there mood to be interpreted by others through ringtones

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The thesis that the author uses to describe how an ipod or walkman differ from a ringtone, is that ringtones can publicly show how media can show mood and feelings of that person.

Ringtones to me reveal a mood or vague description of charteristics of the cell phone owner. My ringtones describes the mood and way I feel at a certain point in time. If its summer time and i feel good about myself I would more than likely have a more up-beat ringtone that reminds of good times. If I’m feeling more sad about work and school I would have more of a slower less enthusiastic rigntone. So I do believe that ringtones can convey emotions clearly.

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 Over the years  my most memorable Halloween has to be the one that took place in my 8th grade year of school. I shared it with my closest friend both from school and around my neighborhood. I was with about 30 friends for the entire day. We  trick-0r-treated for a while, threw eggs, played with shaving cream, and laughed and joked all day. The memories we shared that night i believe will stay with me forever because it was one of the last times that all of friends were together before moving on to high school and parting ways. We all had our costumes on as we walked all throughout my neighborhood talking to girls, meeting friends along the way to tag along, and rememttbering funny stories that happened in school. I also believe that my friends remember that Halloween also because its been a while since we’ve all gotten together and shared a joke.

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